Augmented Reality Sandbox

Augmented Reality Sandbox

Prepare to be meserized…

This hands-on exhibit combines a real sandbox with virtual topography using a Microsoft Kinect 3D camera, simulation software, and a data projector. Users create topography models with real sand, augmented by color maps, contour lines, and water simulations in real time. The system teaches geographic and geologic concepts and was designed by scientists at UC-Davis.


  • Weather Controls
    4 buttons to control water/lava, rain/drought
  • Planet Controls
    Select between an Earth & Mars layout
  • Easy Clean-up
    Features a sand catch for easy clean-up
  • Software
    User-friendly software comes preinstalled & ready to use
  • Plug & Play
    Comes pre calibrated & ready to use out of the box


  • Microsoft Kinect
    Senses the changes made in the sandbox
  • Projector
    Displays the map
  • Computer
    Comes with keyboard, mouse, and AR software installed
  • Sandbox**
    Where all the magic happens
  • Instructions
    For setting up and re-calibrating your AR sandbox

*Sand not included ( 50+ lbs of Sandtastik recommended)
** Not included in DIY Kit


  • Built in the USA
    Designed & manufactured in Santa Cruz, CA
  • Dimensions
    22.5”W • 26”D • 53”H
  • Sandbox* Dimensions
    35”W • 25”D • 6”H
  • Materials
    1″ expanded PVC, acrylic
  • Power Requirements
    120 Volt AC

*Not included in DIY Kit

Purchase Augmented Reality Sandbox

Idea Fab Labs offers a fully assembled and calibrated AR Sandbox as well as a DIY Kit

Fully Functional AR Sandbox

All required components are included and fully calibrated
Minimal, simple assembly

Watch the assembly video that shows the simple setup

DIY AR Sandbox


This DIY Kit has everything needed to build a tabletop AR Sandbox exhibit (besides the sand and sandbox)

Watch the assembly video that shows the complete assembly

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