Membership Questions

Please email if you need to change or cancel your membership status. Please note that, although we offer month-to-month membership with no long term commitment, 30 days notice of your intent to cancel membership is required, per our Membership Terms of Service.

  • Yes, contact in order to upgrade your account.
  • You may upgrade your membership at any time, but you may only downgrade at the end of the month before the next billing cycle. 
  • Upgrading your account will reset your billing date to the day you upgrade and you will be billed the full amount of the new membership cost, minus the portion of days you already used at the original membership price.
  • Month-to-month memberships may be canceled before the next billing cycle.
  • Subscription memberships cannot be paused; however, we do offer an $18 “supporting” option for any members that do not plan to attend for at least a month. This option will allow you to remain a member, but does not provide lab access.

General Questions

  • Members will be invited once they sign up to join our private discussion forum on Discord.
  • Email to request an invitation if you did not receive one.
  • Inform them about our open house (Mondays from 5 to 7pm) and our New Member Orientations (Every first and third Monday of each month).
  • Optionally: You can have them sign up for the email list and provide them with promotional material from the front desk.
  • You can also suggest they put your name down as their referer.
  • Username is: member
  • Password is: vortexrings
  • Network share location: NetworkHEXAGONHEXAGONUser Folders
    (Please be courteous and use only your shared folder.)
  • On Mac OS, COMMAND + K will bring you to the connected server menu, then type smb://hexagon.local, then sign in as a ‘member’.

Tool Reservation Questions

Equipment reservations can be made for both lasers (gray and red), the Shopbot CNC machine, the Tormach, and the 3D Printers.

Tool reservation guidelines can be found on the reservations calendar page:

The minimum time you can reserve is 1 hour, while the maximum time is based on your weekly allotment of hours based on your membership level: fabrication gets 4 hours and team and pro gets 8 hours.

You can reserve equipment as far in advance as you would like, but you cannot reserve equipment within two hours before the reservation time.

  • If you wish to cancel an equipment reservation, then you must edit your reservation slot on the calendar to say “canceled”. Please do not delete the reservation.
  • After changing your reservation, please also make a discord post saying something like, “canceling my 2-4pm Grey Laser appt.” in the appropriate #zone channel.
  • Any reservation time used for the week will remain as “spent”, so please reserve equipment wisely.

The current user of the equipment should yield to the drop-in user after 2 hours of the drop-in user’s arrival.

SBU Questions

An SBU is a Safety and Basic Use course that must be completed before any tools in any zone may be used.

  • When you are ready to sign up for an SBU for any station, you can find the sign-up page here. Times and days are also noted on the same page.
  • Keep in mind, some SBUs overlap in time slots, so do not get yourself double booked.

The SBUs take between 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the SBU.

All of the documents for the SBUs can be accessed here. The troubleshooting guides are also available from the same link.


  • Snacks and drinks ?
  • 3D Printer Filament by the hour
  • Wood
  • Some other assorted materials

Tell Jordan or the zone manager either in person or in Discord. 

  • Cash goes into the “Self Serve Payment Box” under the snacks table? 
  • Make sure to log the purchase on the tablet.

At this time there is no easy way to get change from the store and you will need to keep a running tally for yourself if you cannot use a card or exact change.

Facility Questions

The lights should automatically turn on when you come in and do not have to be manually turned off when you leave. If they do not turn on, the light switches can be found in three places: the right of the entrance when you come in, near the costume zone just after the wall protrusion, and in front of the self serve store coffee bar along the wall.

  • The exhaust fan timer switch is located in the woodshop, on your right as you enter the woodshop through the doors, right next to the safety gear.  The knob for the appropriate amount of time. Learn more here.
  • Trash bins: If large trash bins are full, tie off the bag and take it behind the ventilation area with the other full bags. Replace the bag with a new bag. The new bags are in a box on the utility shelf in the back area. 
  • Recycle bin: If Recycle bin is full, please do the same as above–tie off, replace bag, take full bag behind ventilation area.
  • Food bin: If this bag is full, tie it off and replace with another medium white bag from the snack bar area. Take the full bag down and put it in one of the brown trash bins in the loading dock area. Read the full waste policy document here for more instructions on how to dispose of trash.

Outside or in the back corner of the woodshop if it’s small enough. If painting inside please make sure to leave a fan on to disperse fumes.

Yes there is an elevator. It is located to the left all the way down the hall when you walk out of the shop. Please refer to the Elevator use doc before you use the elevator as it is fragile and requires some learned technique to operate correctly. 

Equipment Questions

The best way to learn about the equipment is to take the related SBU course and/or consult the SBU Documentation

  • When you break something (and we all break things), STOP. Go to the /// and grab a Broken Tool Ticket. Fill out the details on the ticket: XXXXXXXX. Use the tape near the ticket dispenser to attach the Ticket to the tool so everyone knows it is broken. Step back and take a photo of the tool with the tag legible in the view. Post the photo in Slack in the appropriate #zone channel. Don’t waste time feeling guilty, or relying on the next person to discover it, or even trying to fix it yourself unless you really do know how to maintain that tool. BUT DON’T WALK AWAY SILENTLY.
  • You’re not done until everything is put away and the areas of the shop you used are cleaner than when you got there.
  • When you’re waiting for an operation to finish, clean something. Put something away. Sharpen something. Oil something.
  • No, but you can engrave on anodized aluminum.
  • We also have a Tormach metal CNC that will cut through metal.
  • If you have any questions related to what the lasers can or cannot cut, please refer to this guide

There are lockers available for monthly rental. They are 34” long, 16” wide and 18” deep. Please contact to begin renting! Otherwise, we ask that you please take your projects and materials in and out of the shop with you. There is a freight elevator for larger loads to come up and down to ground level.

Please refer to the New Member Orientation Packet with any other information not listed, or feel free to email with any questions at