Membership Extras

All Memberships Offer:

Add Ons Include:

  • Parent/Child Membership
  • After school program for teens starting Fall 2015.
  • Private workspace and project storage rentals.
  • Advanced Technique Instruction

The Tools:
Idea Fab Labs Santa Cruz will be opening with a Laser Cutter / Engraver (100 watt, 47 inch x 37 inch cutting area), two Printrbot Simple Metal 3D printers  (6″x6″x6″ print area), a Sense 3D Scanner, a CNC Router Table (4’x8′), a Basic Wood Shop Zone, and an Electronics / Micro-controller Zone, Jewelry Zone.

We will be rapidly expanding the tool selection to include:
Complete Wood Shop, Textiles Zone, Metal Zone, Audio Production Zone, and more.