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Idea Fab Labs Santa Cruz is a member-driven creation zone located on the second-floor at the Wrigley Building at 2879 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, CA.  We are building a space for technical and artistic minds to come together and build a community. Also, check out our Chico location.

All the things you can make


Idea Fab Labs is an open environment meant to foster innovation through hands-on learning and collaboration. Idea Fab Labs encourages an open source culture.


Design is a big part of digital fabrication. Tools such as the Laser Cutter and 3D Printer lend to rapid prototyping, allowing for a project to go from concept to physical reality in moments. This results in quick development of new design ideas as a rapid succession of prototypes can be created, tested, and improved on.


Idea Fab Labs is a learning environment. Members may take and teach classes, lectures or workshops and peer-to-peer learning and open-source cooperation are encouraged.


Science is beautiful. IFL Arts  is a project of The Hub for Direct Community Action 501c3The mission of IFL Arts is to explore the line where art and technology meet by providing artists access to cutting-edge digital design and fabrication tools, accompanying approaches, and other relevant emerging technologies. IFL Arts outreaches to established local, regional, national and international artists to mentor them in developing interest and skill to express their talent through innovative and inventive projects. These explorations culminate in cutting edge tech art gallery exhibitions shown at both the Chico and Santa Cruz IFL Arts Gallery locations.