We are a member-driven creation zone and our mission is to support and promote the teaching, learning, and safe use of both standard and high-tech tools. We aim to inspire an active community of makers, designers, artist and more. Read the information below and then fill out a new class proposal. Thank you for sharing your craft or skill!

What We Provide

Online class signup for students.
Collection of student class fees.
Administration of class space allocation, scheduling, and reception.
Online publicity for your classes.
Space, resources, & equipment.
Our brand and network.
Opportunities for feedback, as well as further skills & teacher training.
Liability coverage.

What We Expect From You

Promote your class through your network.
Schedule set in advance and adherence to it.
Punctuality. Be early if your class calls for it.
Be available to students outside of class.
Be a model for appropriate, safe, and respectful equipment use.

Types of Classes

Skills Training.
Project design, planning, and implementation.
How to make a thing.
How to safely use tools and equipment.


Instructors set the rate for their classes between $10/hr and $30/hr. 50% of this will be payed to IFL, 50% of this will be payed to the instructor.
Set your prices high enough to generate the desired income for yourself, but not so high that it discourages participation.

Scheduling Cycle

Classes will be scheduled and announced one month in advance.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Class

Who is your primary audience?
What is a balanced price?
Minimum & Maximum # of students.
Equipment and space requirements.
Required Materials and their costs
Reasonable session length.
How many sessions?
Be generous in your estimation! It will almost always take longer than you think.

How to Propose a Class

Fill out the online application and send it in, you will hear back from us before the end of the month in which you apply.

Propose a Class

If you have questions please contact us.