Tutoring at Idea Fab Labs

Choose from our knowledgeable list of tutors to assist you in your continued education here at the lab. Each tutor will specify the area of knowledge and what their expertise level is in each topic. Perhaps you want someone to help you review the basics of operating our laser cutters, or maybe you’re hung up on some of the electrical components of your hand built drone project. Either way, we offer a catalog of fellow members ready to help you succeed. Each tutor will set their own price and create their own schedule. They will coordinate with you privately about these details after you request a session. If you do not see a topic listed that you would like support with, please email us santacruz@ideafablabs.com and we will do our best to find an appropriate way to support you!

Meet your Tutors

Hi I’m Jordan, I operate the makerspace here and I also enjoy event production, electronic music, and making large geometric art installations. I am quite Advanced at laser cutting and Intermediate with CNC, Electronics and 3D Printing. My rate is $100-150/ hr.

  • 2D Design / Vector (CorelDraw) – EXPERT
  • Laser Cutting (Lightburn) – EXPERT
  • CNC Routing & VCarve) – INTERMEDIATE
  • Electronics (Basic Knowledge / KiCAD) – INTERMEDIATE
  • 3D Printing (Troubleshooting and techniques) – INTERMEDIATE

My rate is $100-150/ hr.

I’m Matt Berger and I’ve been practicing woodworking since college when I became a member of the campus craft center at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I’m available for 1:1 and group training in the woodshop on weekends and weekday afternoons and evenings.

  1. Get a 1:1 safety tour and introduction to all the power tools in the woodshop. Learn how to use the power tools safely and effectively.
  2. Master the table saw. Learn to crosscut, rip, and make specialty cuts like dados and rabbets. 
  3. Learn how to dimension rough lumber with the jointer, planer, and table saw
  4. Build a small project over the course of multiple days. I’ll help you design it, select and prep the materials, cut and assemble the joinery, and prepare the surface to apply a finish.
  5. Learn how to use traditional hand tools including chisels, handplanes, and handsaws.
  6. Practice further design and learn how to draw up plans and cut lists for your woodworking projects
  • Woodworking- EXPERT
  • Laser Cutting (Lightburn) – INTERMEDIATE

My rate is $35-75/ hr.

Hi there, My name is David. I am passionate about 3D computer graphics and have previous experience with electronics projects, woodworking for scenery in theatre/film, and 3D printing custom parts for mechanical designs and characters. I have been a member of the lab for a few months now and would be happy to help you in any of the following areas of interest. My rates range from $30-$80/ h.

  • 2D Design / Vector (Illustrator / CorelDraw / Inkscape) – REVIEWING THE BASICS
  • -Electronics (Basic Knowledge / KiCAD) – REVIEWING THE BASICS
  • -Concept/ Prototype/ Product Design – REVIEWING THE BASICS
  • -Woodworking – REVIEWING THE BASICS
  • -3D Printing (Troubleshooting and techniques) – INTERMEDIATE
  • -3D CAD Modeling (Fusion / AutoCAD / Solidworks) – INTERMEDIATE
  • -3D Object Modeling (Blender / Z Brush / Rhino …) – ADVANCED

My rate is $30-80/ hr.

Tutoring Request Form

Here are some areas of knowledge to choose from. Please reference your tutors bio to ensure they offer sessions in your desired area of interest!
Here are the available options for the skill level required to help you. Please reference your tutors bio to ensure they offer sessions in your desired level of skill!