Members can contact us to gain access to this reservation calendar.
Reservations are created using Google Calendar.
We also have detailed instructions on creating reservations.

Reservation Guidelines

  1. Do not be on fire // Be kind.
  2. Use format: [Tool Name] – [First Name] [Last Initial]
  3. One hour reservation minimum.
  4. Reserved time is forfeited if not in use 20 minutes after reservation begins.
  5. Reservations may not be deleted. Consider adding [CANCELLED] and telling appropriate Discord channel if you can’t make it.
  6. Reservations can not be made within 2 hours of the current time.
  7. Drop-in users should yield to another drop-in user within 2 hours of their request to use the equipment.
  8. Weekly reserved hours allowed: Fabrication: 4, Team and Pro: 8.
  9. Week starts on Sunday.