Idea Fab Labs is committed to making membership accessible to everyone!

Here’s how it works:
By becoming an IFL Team Member, you play a vital role in keeping the facility running smoothly. You will be involved in a variety of essential tasks, including hosting, assisting with cleaning, carpentry, giving tours, and more. It will be your responsibility to take pride in the Lab and maintain its presentable and organized appearance. As a Team Member, you will help ensure that the shared workspace remains orderly. This may involve disposing of random garbage, tidying up disorganized work areas, and generally maintaining the lab as a clean and organized facility. In addition to your role as a host and ambassador to both visitors and fellow members, you will also be their go-to person for any questions they may have.

At Idea Fab Labs, we prioritize teamwork, and as a Team Member, you will be a valued part of our collaborative endeavors. Our Team Member program is an excellent opportunity for aspiring makers to familiarize themselves with Idea Fab Labs and the wide range of tools and resources we offer. By participating in this program, you will have the chance to deeply engage in learning, collaborate creatively, and contribute hands-on to various projects.

If you are interested, we currently have Team Member opportunities available for a weekly four-hour shift on a specific day of your choice, based on your schedule. In exchange for your commitment, you will receive a discounted membership at the Pro level, paying only $45 per month instead of the regular $150 per month.

Volunteer Membership Inquiry

Please provide your information below so that we can assist you with becoming a Team Member. An IFL team member will get in touch with you shortly.