As part of our COVID Response, we are providing the mask template we have co-designed with IFL Chico as open source DIY instructions.

Our contribution to the “Mass Movement for Making Masks” – a 4 layer cotton mask with filter insert pocket to be worn during essential outings and contact with other persons.

Just want to purchase masks? You can buy consumer masks here.

If you are helping produce kits for, see our Kit Building page.

DIY 4Layer Instructions Revision 3

4Layer Printable Sewing Instructions (PDF)
4Layer printable Sewing Pattern Rev 3 ALL SIZES (PDF)

DIY 2Layer Instructions

2Layer Printable Sewing Instructions (PDF)
2Layer Printable Sewing Pattern ONE SIZE (PDF)

Rev2 – Old Design (use only if sewing original kits distributed before 4/6/20)

Printable instructions for sewing Rev 2 washable face masks (Google Doc)

THIS IS NOT AN N95 MASK. These instructions do not guarantee protection against transmission of any diseases, but there is significant data to support the use of physical barriers to reduce transmission of airborne droplets, which can infect you with respiratory viruses. Commercially available masks meet regulatory guidelines, but homemade masks may not. Homemade masks are to be used at your own risk. Due to variability of materials and construction, the mask’s safety or effectiveness for personal protection is not proven and cannot be assumed. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Stay safe.

This design calls for 4 layers of 100% cotton fabric with bias-sequencing, has a pocket for additional filter insert, elastic wraps around the head, nose bridge for better seal.

Suggestions for improving usage of this mask: use single-use double-sided medical tape to create an entire seal around the face, couple with adequate face shield to deflect direct droplets.

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