Idea Fab Labs is embedded inside the old Wrigley Building! We love it here, but it can be a little counter-intuitive to get to us. Our open house is held each Monday, 5-7pm. All other availability is by appointment only. Google Maps will show us as closed all other times.

The best way to find us is to:

  1. Travel to 2801 Mission St. Ext. [Google Maps]
  2. Park in the large solar lot across the street (no fee).
  3. Enter into the building and go up the staircase.
  4. Then, follow the signs to us on the east end of the building.

Here is a series of photos that will help you get here!

2801 Mission St. Ext. [Google Maps]

Park in the large lot with solar panels (no fee).

The visitor entry is at 2801 Mission St.

Go immediately up stairs into the lobby.

See the signs, go left.

Passed the vending machines…

Then go right…

Then go all the way down the long hallway…

Keep going all the way to the end… and turn left when you’re in front of Blix.

We are at the end!

You’ve arrived!

Our weekly Open House is held each Monday from 5-7pm.
See Orientation and Safety Class Times.