Idea Fabrication Labs strives to make membership accessible to everyone. If you would like to do work-trade in lieu of part of your membership fees, we may be able to accommodate you! Here’s how it works:

Volunteers are the driving force behind IFL. Volunteers accomplish a significant portion of the general duties required to run the facility. As an IFL Volunteer, you will fill many roles: host, cleaning crew, assistant, carpenter, tour guide, etc. It will be part of your duties to have pride in the Lab and make sure it is presentable and orderly. The Lab is often a disorderly place because of the collaborative nature of shared work spaces, and it is your task along with the other volunteers to throw away the random garbage, tidy up a disorganized work zone, and generally present the lab as a clean and orderly facility. As an IFL Volunteer, you act as host and ambassador to the outside world and members alike. If someone has a question, it will be your job to help find an answer. Idea Fab Labs is a team and as a volunteer, you will be a part of that team.

Our volunteer program is a great way for aspiring makers to become familiar with Idea Fab Labs and the tools and resources we have available. It provides an opportunity for in-depth learning, creative collaboration, and hands-on participation in new and ongoing projects.

Current volunteer opportunities may be available for a weekly four-hour shift held on a specific day, chosen depending on your schedule, in exchange for a discounted membership. Volunteers receive a Pro level membership for $45 per month, discounted from $150 per month.

Volunteer Membership Inquiry

Please submit your information below to inquire about volunteer membership and an IFL team member will contact you shortly.