Idea Fab Labs is a member-driven, high-tech creation space, offering access to digital fabrication tools, traditional tools, and a thriving community of makers, programmers, artists, and technicians. We are moving into a space in the Wrigley Building on the west side of Santa Cruz in phases, eventually inhabiting over 5,200 sq. ft of area.

We are reaching out to local businesses and individuals at this early phase of development in an effort to make lasting contacts, form alliances, and develop our business into a center of local collaboration and creation.

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IFL Offers:

  • Membership Based Access to Digital Design and Fabrication Tools
  • Classes/Workshops on Beginner to Advanced Digital Design and Fabrication Techniques
  • A Thriving Community of Makers
  • Parent/Child Memberships and Programs
  • Youth and Teen Memberships
  • Private Workspace and Project Storage
  • Tech Art Gallery:  Established Artists Exploring Digital Design and Fabrication Techniques

What IFL brings to the Community:

  •  Creates a thriving community of fabricators, designers and innovators across a wide spectrum of fields
  • Provides opportunities for problem solving, team building, and hands on education
  • Creates a space for prototyping and small-batch production
  • Connects groups and encourages collaboration between members
  • Maintains a gallery space for technologically inspired artistry
  • Gives individuals the confidence to design and make the future

Founding Sponsors:

Getting involved during this initial setup phase positions you and your business in a rapidly growing industry with numerous opportunities to develop and grow with the times.  We are asking for financial contributions as well material, tech, know-how, and cross promotional opportunities. We are allowing this one time opportunity to get in at the ground floor and become a lifetime friend of Santa Cruz’s own maker space.
In exchange for your contributions at this time, we are considering you a lifetime colleague and associate.  Call on us and we will go out of our way to assist you in your goals. Your sponsorship will serve as a lifetime resource to help keep your business abreast of all things new and interesting in the world of tech. We are interested in hearing your ideas on how we can team up to mutually benefit from our association.

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IFL Arts: Tech Art Gallery and Incubator

IFL Arts: a project of The Hub for Direct Community Action 501c3 will be opening it’s second Tech Art Gallery in the heart of IFL Santa Cruz during phase two! IFL Arts showcases artists work from it’s Tech-Art Incubator Program. The Incubator Program, housed in the IFL Chico facility, explores the line where art and technology meet by giving artists a crash course on digital fabrication techniques and access to high tech tools, then helping them create new techniques or augment traditional techniques, while creating new bodies of work during an 8 week intensive. All donations to IFL Arts: a project of The Hub for Direct Community Action 501c3 are tax deductable.

Make a tax deductable donation