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Question: Do you have a crush on brass bracelets only to discover that the retail price is beyond your budget?

Answer: DIY.

The Maker Movement in Santa Cruz is thriving and our Jewelry Zone offers an exciting environment for creating your own baubles. From texturizing and forming metal bracelets to stone setting and everything in between, the Jewelry Zone has you covered. Torch, hammer, polish, solder, saw, and create just about anything with our extensive offering of tools. You can begin a new hobby or even start your own jewelry line.

If you need help along the way, Carrin is the Jewelry Zone manager who’s available for questions and assistance. Today, we’re featuring a Q&A with her so members can get to know her better.


How did you first get into jewelry making? 

I have been doing beadwork and wire wrapping for more than 25 years. I have been doing jewelry fabrication and casting for the last four years. After being diagnosed with a serious neurological disorder in 2010, I returned to school to finish a mathematics degree. I ended up taking a small-scale metal jewelry class and was instantly enamored! By the end of the semester I had learned sawing, filing, soldering, stone setting, roller printing, etching, and more. I had no idea I would be able to create such amazing pieces of jewelry in my life. I changed my major to jewelry and began to seriously pursue learning and creating as much as I could.

What type of jewelry making do you love the most? 

Wearable art and custom heirloom pieces—jewelry that will be treasured for a lifetime, and passed down for generations. Pieces made with profound meaning, inspiring conversation and sentimental connection.

Jewelry hammers

What do you love about the Jewelry Zone? 

I love everything about it, really. It’s my baby. I am constantly thinking of ways to improve, add to and utilize its potential. My favorites:

  1. Torch, hammers, anvil. With a simple torch, hammer and anvil, you can create an amazing variety of things—hair sticks, earrings, necklaces, custom clasps, pendants. You can cold forge, texture, shape, create, and more.
  1. The rolling mill. Roller printing on metal is one of my favorites. We also have a laser cutter that can create any stencil you may want to use.
  1. Casting equipment (coming soon).

jewelry tools

What new classes are on the horizon from you at Idea Fab Labs and when can we expect to take them? 

I will be offering a monthly class on the second Sunday of the month beginning in March. These classes will include all supplies as well as a tool for you to add to your own jewelry toolbox. They will generally range from $60-$90. I will also be offering members only classes one Monday evening per month on how to use some of the equipment that’s available. Some of these classes will be prerequisites for being allowed to use certain tools. These classes will be low cost and will not include any supplies, although supplies will usually be available for additional purchase. Check the Events Calendar for upcoming classes.

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